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Booze & brews

It has been 100 years since the infamous murder of APP Constable Lawson due to crimes of local rum runners.


Which side of the law are you on?

A pickle infused Caesar cocktail.

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Starting MAY 20th, this Summer long, visit these local restaurants and pubs to try one (or all!) of the themed drink specials!

Know a Restaurant or Pub that wants to participate? Contact us at


The Dill Pickle-rello Caesar

Barrack Brew Steep Peak Kombucha 

The Bellevue Shot

  • the Rum Runner Restaurant & Pub

  • Pass Beer

  • Crockets Trading Company 

  • Cherry on Top

  • Stone's Throw Café

Grapefruit Citra Hops + Black Tea Steep Peak Kombucha.          

Available at:

An iced Irish Coffee with either Bailey's or Irish Cream flavouring.

Available at:

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Emilio’s Smoked Old Fashioned

  • Romero Distilling Co.    (Located in Calgary)

A classic drink with added wood-smoke infused right into the drink.

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